Installing Java

This page will show how to install the proper version of Java on your system.

  1. Boundless Server on Windows requires a 32-bit Java Runtime Environment, available from the Oracle Java download page.


    Java 32-bit Windows download


    Boundless Server requires Java 8, and is no longer compatible with Java 7.


    While some functionality will work with a 64-bit Java, use of GDAL and NetCDF binaries requires 32-bit Java.

  2. Run the installer, agreeing to the license terms.


    Java installation welcome page


    The installer may ask permission to uninstall prior versions of Java.

  3. Wait while Java installs.


    Java installation progress

  4. When complete, Java will be available in a subdirectory inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Java. This location will be referred to as JRE_HOME in subsequent documentation (for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_101).


    Java installation completed