GeoServer WAR install

The next step is to install the GeoServer web application.

  1. Use Start ‣ Apache Tomcat ‣ Configure Tomcat to open Apache Tomcat Properties. Switch to the General tab and click Stop to stop the service


    Stopping Tomcat service

  2. Switch to the Java tab and add the following to the Java Options:

  3. Click Apply.


    Java system properties

  4. Use Start ‣ Apache Tomcat ‣ Tomcat Program Directory to open the program directory. You can also use Windows Explorer to open the Tomcat Program Directory (such as: C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.5)


    Tomcat program directory

  5. Use Windows Explorer to open the conf\Catalina\localhost\ directory, and create a geoserver.xml with the following content:

    <Context docBase="geoserver.war">
      <!-- The location of the GeoServer configuration directory -->
      <Parameter name="GEOSERVER_DATA_DIR"
      <!-- This MUST be the same as GEOSERVER_DATA_DIR but suffixed by "/global.xml" -->
      <Parameter name="GEOSERVER_REQUIRE_FILE"
      <!-- The default location of the GWC tile cache -->
      <Parameter name="GEOWEBCACHE_CACHE_DIR"


    When upgrading from OpenGeo Suite you can make use of your existing GEOSERVER_DATA_DIRECTORY location with a different geoserver.xml.

    <Context docBase="geoserver.war">
      <Parameter name="GEOSERVER_DATA_DIR"
     <!-- Ensure this directory exists and is where you want your cache to be -->
      <Parameter name="GEOWEBCACHE_CACHE_DIR"
  6. Create the folder C:\ProgramData\Boundless\geoserver\tilecache as referenced above.


    Creating the tilecache folder

  7. Use Start ‣ Apache Tomcat ‣ Tomcat Program Directory to open the program directory, then open the webapps directory.

  8. Copy the geoserver.war into the webapps folder to deploy it.


    Deploy of GeoServer


    The geoserver.war file is included in the Boundless Server WAR bundle (see Boundless Server bundles).

  9. Change to the General tab and start the service using the Start button.


    Start Tomcat Service

  10. Tomcat will deploy the geoserver.war into a geoserver folder visible in the webapps folder.


    It will take a few moments for Tomcat to complete this process.

  11. Navigate to http://localhost:8080/geoserver.

  12. Log in at the top of the screen by filling in the admin credentials (which are by default admin / geoserver):


    Login to GeoServer application

  13. Click Server Status.


    Page navigation

  14. Confirm that the Data directory is correct.


    Server Status showing data directory


    If the data directory is incorrectly located in webapps/geoserver/data the GEOSERVER_DATA_DIR setting has not taken effect. Double check the geoserver.xml file, and confirm that the service has restarted.

  15. Navigate to http://localhost:8080/geoserver/gwc and ensure that the Local Storage value is set to the tilecache directory set above.



It is strongly recommended to change the GeoServer master password. Please see Managing the master password for more details on how to do this. Failure to change this password could cause a security issue with your GeoServer instance.