What’s new in 1.0.2

This version is a bugfix release, and includes various fixes for GeoWebCache and GeoServer:

  • Fixed errors in the GWC Seed endpoints.
  • Fixed errors with Multipart requests when the GeoGig plugin is installed.
  • Style REST API supports Content-type with charset.
  • And more!

What’s new in 1.0.0

This version contains numerous component upgrades and bug fixes. Highlights include:

  • Boundless Suite has been renamed to Boundless Server, and the version has been reset to 1.0.0. This follows from Boundless Suite 4.10.0.
  • The GeoServer REST API has been updated, and includes improved documentation. The updated API should still be backwards-compatible.
  • The WPS and MBTiles extensions have been removed, and are instead included by default.
  • The GeoServices REST API extension has been added. It adds a REST API which allows limited compatiblity with ArcGIS clients.
  • The Printing extension has been added. It provides a REST API for rendering documents as images or PDFs.
  • Improved support for MBstyle markup language, including a new tutorial.
  • Layer groups have a new entry type called style group for defining a layer group based on the contents of a style document.

Components included:

  • GeoServer 2.12
  • GeoWebCache 1.12
  • GeoTools 18
  • PostgreSQL 9.6
  • PostGIS 2.3
  • GDAL 1.11.5