The vec:Centroid process takes a feature collection and returns a point feature collection containing the centroids of the geometries of the input features. Feature attributes names and values remain unchanged.

The centroid of a geometry is defined for all geometry types (Point, Line and Polygon). It is equal to the geometric center of all points contained in the geometry.


The centroid point does not necessarily lie within the geometry, for example the centroid of a C-shaped polygon lies outside the polygon.



Centroids can provide a representative point for features. Typical use cases include distance analysis and label placement.

Inputs and outputs

vec:Centroid accepts Feature collection inputs and returns Feature collection outputs.


Name Description Type Usage
features Input features FeatureCollection Required


Name Description Type
result Centroids of input features FeatureCollection

Usage notes

  • If a feature collection consisting of point geometries is supplied, the output will be identical to the input.


Finding the centroids of the polygons in the medford:zoning layer:

  • features: medford:zoning

Centroids of medford:zoning polygons